Holy F**k

I can always dig a groovy bass line amid chaos and apocalyptic musical auras--think the conclusions of "Take Me Into Your Skin" by Trentemøller or "The National Anthem" by Radiohead. From the get go that's exactly what the third track off Holy F**k's new album, Latin, sounds like. Matt Schulz gets his funky drummer on (if he wasn't so playful this would belong in Lord of the Rings) as pounding keyboard chords and a perpetually building sonic eruption signal the emergence of some sort of long awaited destruction. There's a break in the middle but it's momentary. Maybe the world is going to end--or perhaps the paperboy is back to collect the 25 cents you just cheated him out of, and he's summoned his paperboy friends to help deliver a beating.

Holy F**k - Latin America

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