In the UK, the British indie scene seems to be at crossroads.  Female pop acts like Florence + the Machine are currently swamping headphones, but it seems at the moment that American indie holds the fire.  Emerging from the ever-famous Manchester music mecca is Delphic, bringing their own brand of darkly-tinged, dance-rock.

At first listen, one can immediately think of the Editors, New Order, Joy Division and the rest of the gang.  But I feel like there's progress in this sweeping genre of alternative dance.  There are fluttery sections of synthesizers and softer voices, not so completely deep and bass-lined.  They definitely don't hide behind the wires and mazes of laptops like a Fischerspooner, but each of their members plays an actual instrument.  

It's futuristic, with gleaming robots, yet hints of elegant nights in the city, behind the wheel of a black car in a black suit, not sure of what will come.


Their debut album Acolyte drops June 29th.  Catch them at nearly every well-known European music festival this summer.

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