Christian Scott

Today, I'm going to introduce some jazz-fusion to the realm of the Shebash. I'm talking about Christian Scott, a trumpeter who's got some serious chops. His 2006 solo debut "Rewind That" is one of my favorite modern jazz albums. The title track defines the record's sound, kicking things off strong with a genre-mixing jam. Case in point--the scintillating opening guitar riff sounds like it would be right at home on a Tool album. Scott delivers an inspiring performance, beginning with breathy, sultry phrases and crescendoing to a scream over the course of the cut. Later on, guitarist Matt Steven soars through a fluid, crystal-clear solo himself. Oh, and for all you The Mars Volta fans out there, ex-drummer Thomas Pridgen absolutely destroys on the drums, pulling out complicated polyrhythmic fills with ease. This is an album you should check out, even if you don't consider yourself a fan of jazz.

Christian Scott's latest release, "Yesterday You Said Tomorrow," came out this past March.

Christian Scott - "Rewind That"

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