Who's the shark biter now?

I was listening to Wu-Massacre yesterday and while Mef, Chef, and Ghost still sound as sharp as they did on 36 Chambers, the beats sounded a little tired. I did a little investigating, and they recycled at least two samples (not counting "Criminology 2.5"), without any explanation for doing so. "Smooth Sailing (Remix)" is the same as Joell Ortiz's "125 pt. 3 (Connections)", and "Gunshowers" samples the Temptrees' "La La (Means I Love You)", the same as Ghost's "Holla". I understand I'm picking nits, when you have the RZA on your speed dial, beats gotta be fresh. That being said, the album is fire and I like these beats better than the originals. All in all, it is a very slight blemish on an otherwise excellent performance by three veteran MCs.

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