Who They Is: Broken Bells

Broken Bells.  The Shins' James Mercer and Danger Mouse.  What?

Life is going well for Danger Mouse, now that he has become a recognized producer in the industry and his controversial Dark Night of the Soul album with the late Sparklehorse is finally getting an official release.  But what about Mercer?  He fired two key bandmates from The Shins, and he's taking some time off.  Well, it looks like he's been working on this Broken Bells project in secret all along, since March 2008.  It's all good, folks.

On their self-titled debut album, the two basically do it all, with the help of some strings players.  There's organs, synthesizers, bass, piano, drums, and guitars at their disposal to create some experimental, melodic pop tunes.  I would say you could liken the album to a peaceful journey of the mind through space, making some stops along the way to visit Martians and Neptunians.  Mercer's voxbox is as swayful as ever, and Danger Mouse's beats and rhythms create some nice atmospheres.

And we have liftoff..."The High Road"

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