Throwback Thursday: Ace of Base

Every Thursday from now until an earthquake, hurricane, or tsunami destroys Google's servers and thus this blog, I'll be bringing you all back to a different time in our glorious history.  It'll be called "Throwback Thursday", and it's gonna be capital-A Awesome.

This week we're hitting up the '90s.

The Swedish have been known to create remarkable pop songs.  I'm not sure if its something in their water or in their taxes, but something is being done right over there in the land of blondes.  Ace of Base is a band that stuck in an unusual time in Sweden, since at the time, heavy metal reigned over all.  They managed to sign to a Danish label and write a few songs, and then they absolutely exploded.  From 1993-1996, they took over European and American music charts, churning out three straight #1 singles in the US after being told their music wouldn't work in the States.

You know you remember their dub & reggae-influenced beats and the sweet voices of sisters Jenny and Linn.  Their trademark sound was, and still is, unmistakable.  I still continue to associate certain sounds of the '90s with their music.  Every one could be a banger.  Every one could be a good driving tune.  Every one could be a good karaoke track.  Enjoy yourself when listening to them, like the guy next to me.

"All She Wants"    

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