Throwback Thusday- Big Pun feat. Fat Joe-"Twinz"

Q: What do you do with a Thursday you don't want as much as you thought?
A: You throw that shit BACK.

Today, I was thinking about rap duets. Not with Mary J. Blige, or Ashanti, or whatever. Just two hard dudes trading rhymes over a phat boom-bap track. Everyone knows the Pac-Dre collaboration "California Love", or Biggie-Jay-Z "Brooklyn's Finest", but "Twinz" is overlooked – and that joint is HOT. Big Pun never needed to worry about being anything other than lyrically stunning, but Fat Joe turns in a surprisingly sharp performance, and they switch off seamlessly. All in all, they are some bad mothers, but you call tell how much fun they are having, an essential part of any collaboration. Check the video out, for nothing less than Pun's camo onesie, arguably the most underrated hip-hop outfit of all time. ALL TIME!

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