This is a big weekend for a lot of kids.  From that lonely stoner in the library to the zombies on the prez lawn, I've got a treat for them to absorb before they embark on their journeys.  It's that senior's last chance to finish strong before he goes out into the real world and has to be a big boy, and it's that freshman's last chance to figure his stuff out...or not!  From the Berkeley South Seas to the Tufts Spring Fling, do it up good.

So here's my testament, my toast, my tribute to all of you who believe in loco.

Delorean - "Deli"
These boys put on a good sunny tune.  Pump this and just feel naturally, and not artificially, good.

MSTRKRFT - "Click Click (feat. E-40)"
The clear banger of the bunch.  Cruise on the rhymes and gyrate with them HARD beats.

Passion Pit - "Little Secrets"
Shout out to my Boston boys.  You'll know why this works well on this day.

Rick Ross - "Speedin' (feat. R. Kelly)"
Definitely the guilty pleasure.  This bumps.  Get on that speedboat to the big bash.

Super Mash Bros. - "Still Bleeding"
The upcoming Girl Talk overthrowers absolutely flooded this track with a handful of favorite tunes.

Bask in the glory, and godspeed. 

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