Spring Rain, Summer Feels

It's Friday and it's raining.  The weather is seriously messing with us at this point, and no one's really happy about it.  Solution: transport yourself somewhere else for a bit.

Since Bradley Nowell's shockingly untimely death in 1996 and the consequential breakup of Sublime, the world of reggae-rock has never been the same.  With the coming of those hoping to build upon the genre, there has been a recent influx in the mainstream popularity of Sublime-influenced bands, most notably Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper and The Expendables.  The Dirty Heads are an OC band that has followed this trend, and of which has gained a lot of attention in recent times.  They resonate with sunny sounds of beach towns and a laid-back lifestyle, but their hip-hop inspired vocal stylings prevent them from being another wannabe imitation.

Rome Ramirez, the new vocalist of the currently touring Sublime with Rome (featuring Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh from the former Sublime), makes a guest appearance on the perfectly chill Dirty Heads track "Lay Me Down".  The song showcases a refreshing duality of vocals, and an upbeat, free-feeling rhythm.

Put it on, and tune out:  "Lay Me Down"

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  1. really good! love this song now. nice job ryan.