Sigur Rós' Jónsi Debuts Solo Record

Jónsi Þór Birgisson isn't content with just writing music anymore, he's expanded to scoring films too.

All right, maybe not, but his songs contain epic soundswells encasing the majesty and the size of the Swiss Alps that it feels like he was born to make music like this.  He's got the voice of myths; it guides you through the green grassy fields where you are riding to the woods on your horse, hunting bow in hand.  It sounds so natural that all you can do is dream.

His album Go [XL] has such a cinematic feel to it that it calls for a complete experience in full and all together at once.  His words, unlike in Sigur Rós, are primarily in English, which expands the accessibility of his songs.  Each one is absolutely HUGE.  This ENTIRE record definitely deserves a spin at least.  Go, listen, feel, imagine.

Sound: post-rock "pop" inspired lovely joyousness, but so much more.

Pick up the record, and listen to "Boy Lilikoi".  His video for "Go Do" is below.  Very cool.

Aaaand his shows sound like they're going to be quite a feast for the eyes.  I quote from Jónsi's website:

Jónsi has teamed up with the stage production company 59 Productions & Phil Eddolls to create the most amazing live show possible for his 2010 Go tour.  The 59 Productions team is creating a cross-artform live stage show which will be an eclectic marriage of film, art installation, theatre performance and live concert.

If you wanna see the action live, he'll be playing TWO nights at the House of Blues Boston May 5th & 6th.
(Sneak peek at what the concert will be like below)

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