Bump This Newcomer: Two Door Cinema Club

The British really have their way with dancey, guitar-driven electro-pop. This Irish trio throws themselves into the mix with a furiously pulsing style that is reminiscent of the more synth-inclined Bloc Party and a different species of Phoenix (they'll actually be touring the US with Phoenix starting next week).

There's a lot of reason to like them. Two Door Cinema Club's got jangly strats, catchy (but) repetitive hooks and rhythms, lyrics spoken towards a certain girl(s), and overall good melodic sensibilities. Alex Trimble's voxbox has brought up Ben Gibbard comparisons, but Trimble's singing is a little lighter and smoother, like a Thomas Mars of Phoenix and a Matthew Murphy of the Wombats. Their short-lived tracks exist like quick lovers: you get captivated, but then it ends, whether you like it or not.

You can listen to their 3 singles over and over, and you don't really tire of them.  With each spin, you rediscover the reason why your ears asked you to click the repeat button in the first place.  It's like making a PB&J as an 18 year-old.

Peep: "Something Good Can Work", "I Can Talk", "Undercover Martyn".

(I've listened to each of them at least 5 times while writing this, and I'm not done.)

If you'll still be around Boston, they'll be hitting up the Great Scott (Allston) on May 15th.

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